Cannabis joints are considered a tobacco product in new Maine guidance

Maine says tobacco permit needed to sell cannabis joints and rolling papers

A guidance document released by the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy regarding the sale of tobacco products is upsetting news for some cannabis caregivers. The guidance says that tobacco products include pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes otherwise known as “pre-rolls” or “joints”, as well as electronic smoking devices, filters, rolling papers, pipes, and other devices whether or not they contain nicotine. According to the Office of Cannabis Policy this guidance comes in response to repeated questions about what kinds of products and activities require a retail tobacco license. The guidance says tobacco products under defined Maine law to include not only products that contain nicotine but also any component or accessory used in the consumption of a tobacco product.

The guidance reminds everyone that in order to sell “tobacco products” a business must obtain retail tobacco license. To obtain a retail tobacco license a business must first maintain a physical storefront. According to a report from News Center Maine of the roughly 3,000 caregivers in the state many operate out of their homes or on small farms. There are medical marijuana caregivers in Maine using their voices to speak out against this guidance document who feel that this is a restriction that will hurt their business. In a response the Office of Cannabis Policy says that the guidance document does not, “change policy, enforcement, or interpretation of current state law.”

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