New product alert from Treeworks

Treeworks announces two new tinctures

Treeworks of Massachusetts is a product manufacturer based in Hatfield Massachusetts. On Monday the company sent out an e-mail to announce that two new tincture products are now available.

Gentle Drops is a full spectrum RSO with a smooth berry flavor according to its packaging. The bottle contains 900 milligrams of CBD and 90 milligrams of THC, making this a 10:1 hybrid. The second new tincture is called Jungle Drops. The blueberry pie flavored full spectrum RSO contains a unique combination of cannabinoids. The tincture is described as a 1:1:1:1:1 with 200mg of THC, 200mg of CBD, 200mg of CBG, 200mg of CBN, and 200 mg of CBC.

Check out the new product announcement from Treeworks here: