Kynd Flower Debuts at Sira Naturals

Sira Naturals launches new Kynd flower strains

The latest brand of cannabis flower called Kynd recently debuted at Sira Naturals in Somerville and Needham. According to the announcement Kynd is finely cultivated cannabis flower for all humankind. The brand promises premium flower with high THC percentage grown pesticide and disease-free through quality-obsession and meticulous cultivation standards.

Kynd is making its debut with three new strains Orangutan Zkittlez, Mr. Nasty, and Fresh Squeezed. Orangutan Zkittlez is described as a hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Grease with peppery flavor that has calming effects. Mr. Nasty is another hybrid cross of GMO and Grease Monkey described as relaxing with a gassy pine taste and smell. Fresh Squeezed is a sativa combination of Face Off OG and Ohio Lemon G touted as mood-boosting with a pleasant citrus flavor.

Find the full announcement from Sira Naturals here: