Lawmakers divided on legalization

New Hampshire House lawmakers now divided on legalization

Lawmakers previously had strong bipartisan support for their unique proposal to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire. That support has dwindled after the bill recently left Committee containing a new prohibition on edible marijuana. When brought to the house floor H.1598 passed with 169 in favor and 156 opposed. This is quite a break from the 235 lawmakers that supported the bill only a few months ago.

In New Hampshire, liquor stores are owned and operated by the state which lawmakers think could carry over to the cannabis industry. Proponents say that while the legislation is not perfect it’s a step in the right direction. Cannabis advocates say the bill will over regulate cannabis and potentially affect medical cannabis operators and patients in a negative way.

New Hampshire and Rhode Island are the last two New England states yet to legalize adult-use cannabis. Leaders in the New Hampshire Senate have not yet signaled support and have publicly shared concerns with the proposed model.

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