Leafwell $75 special in Massachusetts

Leafwell offers special $75 medical card certification price

A handful of medical dispensaries in Massachusetts have partnered with Leafwell to promote low-cost medical card certifications throughout the end of May and beginning of June 2022. Resinate, Sira Naturals, Apothca, and INSA joined forces to spread the word about Leafwell, an online platform that connects qualifying patients with healthcare providers who issue certifications for the state’s medical marijuana program. For a limited time patients can be certified for $75 as part of this promotion. Leafwell normally charges $150 for a medical marijuana certification.

Those who signed up through the Resinate promotion were certified by Leafwell on May 26th and May 27th. Individuals interested in taking advantage of the offer can sign up through Sira Naturals to schedule a certification on June 1st and 2nd through Apothca for June 3rd and 4th. The last chance to take advantage of this offer is June 9th and 10th through INSA. The Leafwell online platform allows patients to be certified on the go or in the comfort of their own home via telemedicine. Once certified patients can access tax-free medical marijuana at dispensaries, receive statewide home delivery, and many other benefits.

To learn more information about Leafwell please visit their website: https://leafwell.com/about/