LEVIA introduces limited edition Strawberry Creamsicle flavored infused cannabis seltzer
Photograph taken by Craig Capello Photography

Limited edition Strawberry Creamsicle LEVIA makes its debut

With autumn soon approaching LEVIA has released the Fall 2022 flavor of their classic cannabis infused seltzer. The flavor behind this new product is Strawberry Creamsicle which is said to mimic the effects of LEVIA’s “Achieve” seltzer that contains cannabis sativa to keep you alert, uplifted, inspired, and active. The flavor is a pleasant and sweet strawberry with 5mg of THC per serving.

The Strawberry Creamsicle LEVIA features artwork from Massachusetts artist Dean McKeever on its packaging. The artwork includes a woman with blue hair eating creamsicle that she holds in her hand as strawberries appear in the reflection of her sunglasses. The artwork largely resembles the LEVIA employee behind the Strawberry Creamsicle recipe with her fun and unique blue hairstyle.

Find the full press release from LEVIA on BevNet here: https://www.bevnet.com/news/2022/levia-launches-new-limited-edition-flavor-strawberry-creamsicle/