Maine moves forward with updates to cannabis rules

Maine considers significant updates to cannabis policies

The state of Maine is currently revisiting its cannabis regulations with changes that could reshape the landscape for both recreational and medical cannabis. In an effort to update the adult-use cannabis program, Maine is moving to permit edible sales with higher THC content, allow marijuana delivery to hotels, and at fairs and festivals. Ensuring public safety, these changes come with specific requirements, notably ensuring that any event caters to individuals aged 21 and over. While some residents are embracing the updates, others have expressed concerns over regulations they see as excessive, particularly for smaller businesses.

Meanwhile, the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) is simultaneously revisiting rules in the Medical Use of Cannabis Program. This initiative seeks to align the program with the Maine’s medical cannabis law and address any recently made legislative changes. Although public commentary on these changes has ended, individuals can still access a recording of the public hearing for more insight. John Hudak, the director of the Office of Cannabis Policy, pointed out that this process includes a delicate act of balancing fresh legislation with the concerns of businesses and the paramount importance of public safety.

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