Municipalities can be reimbursed by Maine

Maine launches online portal to reimburse adult-use cannabis communities

Cities and towns in Maine that welcome adult-use cannabis now have a way to ask the state for up to $20,000 in reimbursement. Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy recently shared the news in an announcement on their website. Municipalities that opt-in to Maine’s Adult Use Cannabis Program can have legal fees and costs associated with the drafting and adoption of warrant articles and ordinances reimbursed through the new online portal.

Erik Gundersen, Director of Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy, says that about 7% of Maine’s cities and towns have welcomed adult-use cannabis. Gundersen called the launch of this reimbursement portal a “big step” that can hopefully incentivize additional communities in Maine cities and towns to welcome regulated cannabis establishments. The Office of Cannabis Policy launched the portal after Maine lawmakers agreed to establish the reimbursement fund earlier this year.

Learn more from Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy website here: