Report looks into cannabis trends in Maine

Report says most cannabis in Maine is accessed legally

A newly released report suggests that Maine’s cannabis market is doing an above average job of reducing the illicit market. Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy examined trends in cannabis consumption and market patterns in coordination with consulting and research firm Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

A statewide survey involving 1,129 Maine residents was conducted over a period of several weeks. The survey asked participants to report how many grams of cannabis they had accessed in the past month from a list of potential sources. That information was used to estimate the statewide percentage of cannabis acquired in the past-month via the legal and illicit markets. According to the report 64% of cannabis consumed in Maine is regulated or from a legal source while 36% is obtained through the illicit market. The report also found that individuals who live in a ZIP code with one ore more adult-use dispensaries are more likely to access cannabis products from the legal market.

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