Maine's medical cannabis is causing safety concerns

Maine’s medical cannabis safety questioned after regulators publish unsettling test results

Concerns have been raised about the safety and quality of medical cannabis products in Maine following two separate studies. The Maine Office of Cannabis Policy found that 45% of 127 medical cannabis samples failed to meet recreational-use standards, primarily due to the presence of banned substances. In a separate study by Nova Analytic Labs, about 21% of roughly 1,400 medical cannabis samples would have failed the pesticide tests designed for recreational-use products, a sharp contrast to the less than 4% failure rate in the recreational market. Substances posing potential health risks, such as myclobutanil and bifenthrin, were frequently detected.

While the medical cannabis sector generated $305 million in revenue last year, these findings underscore the need for immediate action to ensure patient safety. Proposed safety measures, including mandatory testing and a comprehensive tracking system, have faced industry resistance. Nevertheless, Maine officials are actively discussing ways to improve regulation, and a detailed report from the Office of Cannabis Policy is expected to be released soon, which will likely be a significant step in enhancing the safety of medical cannabis products in the state.

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