Cannabis courses at Beal University

Maine’s Beal University will offer cannabis degree programs

As Maine sees continued growth in their state’s cannabis industry Beal University in Maine will begin to offer online associate and bachelor’s degree programs for students interested in cannabis and medicinal plant sciences. The two associate degree programs are 20 months long that will teach students about cannabis business administration and cannabis laboratory sciences. The bachelor’s degree focuses on medical plant sciences and involves a 34 month long course.

The goal behind these classes is to give students an education that they can use to further their career in cannabis industry. Students who do not have experience in the cannabis industry can obtain their degree to qualify for a cannabis industry job that pays a gainful wage. Beal University is not alone in providing cannabis educational courses in Maine. The University of Maine also provides a course on cannabis science and cultivation which is popular according to UMaine Cooperative Extension professor John Jemison.

These new programs do not begin until May 2. For more information on how to sign up for these programs check out the Beal University website here:

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