Mammoth fined for NECANN award win

Mammoth fined by state for NECANN award win

A Rhode Island cannabis cultivator had to pay a heavy fine after regulators discovered that their product won a Massachusetts competition. The NECANN Cup was held in March as part of the annual New England Cannabis Convention. Mammoth won first place in the THC flower category for their Mac 1 strain. This led to Rhode Island regulators later issuing a $10,000 fine to Mammoth. The fine stemmed from the fact that it’s a federal offense to transport marijuana from one state to another even if both states have legalized it.

According to reporting from NBC 10 WJAR an attorney for Mammoth says the company did not enter the competition. The company ultimately paid the $10,000 fine to put this whole misunderstanding behind them. Mammoth’s attorney says that there is no evidence that points to Mammoth as the party that transported the product to Massachusetts.

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