Rhode Island police warn parents of marijuana edibles

Rhode Island police warn marijuana edibles may appear on Halloween

The Glocester Police Department in Rhode Island took to Instagram this week to remind parents to check their children’s candy for marijuana edibles on Halloween. Police say that they found over 200 individually packaged marijuana edibles after conducting a traffic stop on Sunday night. The edibles were packaged individually in bags that resemble commercially available food products such as Rice Krispies, Trix, and Cocoa Pebbles. The packaging says the edible contains 600mg of THC which would be a high dose for most adults to consume. Cartoon characters like Trix the rabbit are depicted on the packaging with bloodshot eyes and holding a blunt in his right hand. While incidents of these kinds of treats finding their way into children’s hands on Halloween are rare to unheard of, the best course of action it to remain vigilant.

Find the full story from WJAR here: https://turnto10.com/news/local/glocester-rhode-island-police-seize-edibles-traffic-stop-cannabis-marijuana-pot-brand-name-snack-packages-halloween-safety

Check out the post on Instagram from the Glocester Police Department here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CjidACXMr3e/