Cannabis lab asks for independent audit within CCC

MCR Labs CEO backs bill for independent audit of CCC operations

The CEO of MCR Labs, Michael Kahn, took a bold stand before lawmakers, bringing to light some alarming concerns regarding the operations of the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). During testimony before the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy Kahn criticized the Commission for what he labeled as waste, fraud, and abuse, and shared his account of an unannounced inspection that he saw as unprofessional. Kahn suggested that this inspection was a form of retaliation from the CCC in an attempt to intimidate licensees into silence.

In response to these incidents and larger structural concerns within the CCC, Kahn is rallying behind a proposed bill that seeks to establish an independent audit unit within the commission. This unit would be tasked with overseeing the CCC’s operations, ensuring the proper use of public funds, and preventing the sort of misconduct that Kahn alleges. This move, supported by the Association of Cannabis Testing Laboratories, is seen as a necessary step towards creating a more accountable and reliable regulatory body in the ever-growing New England cannabis landscape.

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