Judge Says Man Cannot Use Medical Marijuana

Judge denies medical cannabis to Maine man while on bail

Federal Judge John Nivison recently ordered that Lucas Sirois not use any marijuana while on bail, even with a prescription. Sirois allegedly ran large marijuana selling operation where he and his co-conspirators made more than $13 million in six years, according to court documents. As part of an October 2021 order Sirois was ordered to comply with a list of conditions to remain out of prison while the case is heard. The order included language that restricts Sirois from violating any federal, state, or local law.

Sirois’ attorney petitioned the court to allow for the use of medically prescribed marijuana, which would comply with Maine law. U.S. Attorney Darcie McElwee and U.S. Assistant Attorney Noah Falk asked the judge not to modify the order. In his ruling Judge Nivison clarified that while Maine law allows for lawful medical marijuana possession state law does not supersede the blanket federal prohibition on marijuana. Judge Nivison ordered that even prescription marijuana use by Sirois would be in violation of Federal Law and the court’s order.

Find the full story from Central Maine here: centralmaine.com/2022/05/09/federal-judge-denies-rangeley-mans-request-to-use-marijuana-while-free-on-bail/