Meet and Greet Rick Ross & Gary Payton

Freeway Rick Ross and Gary Payton 4/20 Meet and Greet

The Hub Craft is presenting a special 4/20 meet and greet in Massachusetts with “Freeway” Rick Ross and Gary Payton. The Hub Craft has exclusive partnerships with Ross and Payton to distribute their own brands of cannabis. Fans who can’t wait to meet these two can visit Green Meadows in Southbridge on April 19th at 2:30pm. On 4/20 Rick Ross and Gary Payton will be visiting Western Front in Chelsea at 10am, Elevated Roots in Kingston at 4pm, and Dazed Cannabis in Holyoke at 6pm.

“Freeway” Rick Ross was convicted of drug trafficking in 1996 and sentenced to life in prison due to the three-strikes law. The Federal Court of Appeals later reduced his sentence to twenty-years and Ross was released in 2009. His partnership with The Hub Craft has launched Freeway Cannabis by Rick Ross. The line include flower, vapes and eventually edibles.

Gary Payton also known as “The Glove” is a former professional basketball player. He is known most for the 13 years he spent with the Seattle SuperSonics, but also played for the Boston Celtics in 2004–2005. His Payton’s Place line includes pre-rolls with top-shelf strains.

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