Cannabis Clones, CCCs Smooth Rollout, VT has 427 Cannabis Apps, RI MMJ Shop Trampolined From Town

Episode 5 NEC News Today

On this episode: Two Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries are set to begin selling clones, the legal cannabis rollout has been really smooth according to Chairman Hoffman, Vermont has 427 pre-qualification submissions, Theory Wellness sues a competitor over the HiFive brand name, and NEC News Today was invited to a special media preview of Trulieve’s new Framingham dispensary. All this and much more on today’s episode of New England Cannabis News Today.

New England Cannabis News Today (NEC News Today) is a daily-updated resource for news and information on the cannabis industry and community in New England that includes a weekly video series covering the latest headlines and events from the region. Join Jeremiah MacKinnon for the latest cannabis news around New England.

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