Complaints from neighbors cause man to leave town and take his business with him

Cannabis facility owner leaving town due to neighbor disputes

Tyler Maynard, the owner of Green River Cannabis, is getting ready to leave the town of Hyde Park Vermont for good after disputes with his neighbors have become too much to handle. The Green River Cannabis facility is located on the same site as Maynard’s home. The company has a tier 1 indoor cultivation license from the Vermont Cannabis Control Board. Local officials didn’t object to the business, but Maynard’s neighbors repeatedly complained about the smell of cannabis and questioned whether the company had started growing plants before receiving approval. The Cannabis Control Board did investigate and issued a $5000 fine to the company for having issues with reporting their inventory and having a fungicide onsite. Maynard has since put his property up for sale according to reporting from News & Citizen. Maynard said he will move elsewhere and take his business with him due to the ongoing disputes.

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