Sales continue to be strong

Cannabis sales in Connecticut and Rhode Island see steady growth

Connecticut and Rhode Island are experiencing impressive growth in the New England cannabis marketplace. Connecticut recently released figures in September 2023 with combined adult-use and medical marijuana sales hitting a noteworthy $25 million. Adult-use sales made up over $14 million of that amount. Meanwhile, Rhode Island fell just short of reaching five months consecutive of record-breaking sales in August, with $9.6 million in combined adult-use and medical sales.

In terms of consumer preference, Connecticut’s market saw a 52% dominance by traditional cannabis flower, followed by vapes, and then edibles. Rhode Island’s sales, on the other hand, highlighted the popularity of cannabis buds, followed by pre-rolls, and vape cartridges among its top sellers. As the industry continues to evolve, both states are actively changing regulations and equity in the cannabis industry at the forefront of discussions.

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