Cannabis political party forms to endorse candidates who support legalization

A New Hampshire political party dedicated to cannabis has emerged

Marijuana legalization and regulation is becoming such a major topic of discussion in New Hampshire politics that a newly formed “New Hampshire Cannabis Party” is hoping to call more attention to pro-pot candidates. Nathaniel Gurien founded the party and serves as its Executive Director alongside Vice-Chair Kaitlyn McCarthy. The duo intends to use the platform to endorse candidates that align with the party’s motto to “support common sense cannabis legalization”. In a public statement the party shared a list of ancillary businesses that they believe will benefit from a cannabis economy in New Hampshire. The statement also describes how the tax revenue could be a major financial benefit for residents. They argue that the tax revenue generated from cannabis sales would help fund the state budget and prevent the need to introduce broad-based taxes like sales or income tax, both of which New Hampshire does not currently have.

In the last legislative session New Hampshire state senators shot down legislation that passed in the house to legalize limited marijuana possession, home cultivation, and establish a state run dispensary monopoly. In preparation for voting day on November 8th the New Hampshire Cannabis Party has published their list of endorsements, which includes Dr. Tom Sherman for Governor. The New Hampshire Cannabis Party recently secured an office space located in Conway and is asking those who interested to get involved.

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