New Hampshire House looks at cannabis legalization bills

New Hampshire holds hearings on cannabis legalization

As another legislative session begins the state of New Hampshire is already looking at a number of bills that would legalize cannabis and asking for the public’s feedback. On Wednesday afternoon the House Committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs met to hear two bills, HB 639 and HB 544. Both seek to legalize marijuana for adults 21 years and older in New Hampshire but the two bills differ greatly in how they would regulate the sale of recreational cannabis. On Thursday the House Criminal Justice and Public Service held a hearing to look into three more cannabis legalization bills, HB 643, HB 360, and HB 344. During both hearings the Committee heard from supporters of the bills as well as from those who are in opposition.

The New Hampshire House has managed to put forward a proposal to legalize cannabis for the past several years but the Senate has not allowed it to move forward. Despite the Senate’s prohibitionist stance lawmakers in the House are likely to still advance a bill that would legalize cannabis in New Hampshire this session.

Watch the full New Hampshire House Committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs hearing here:

Check out the full House Criminal Justice and Public Service hearing here:

Additional information about the bill and hearings is available on the Prime ATC website here: