Commission hears from medical program representatives in discussion

Devil’s in the details as New Hampshire considers future of medical program

The New Hampshire commission, set up to draft legislation on adult-use cannabis legalization, is working on the challenge of integrating the existing medical marijuana program with a broader cannabis legalization. Michael Holt, who heads the state’s Therapeutic Cannabis Program, highlighted the vulnerability of the current medical system, citing declining patient registrations in states where recreational use has been legalized.

In a recent meeting, commission members pressed Holt and Patricia Tilley, from the state’s Health and Human Services Department, for more details and guidance on how to meld the two programs. While state-run stores are a primary consideration, an alternative franchise model is also on the table, proposed by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, offering a blend of state oversight with private retail operations. The commission’s recommendations are anticipated by December 1, to guide lawmakers in the direction of a legalization bill that will have enough support to pass this time around.

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