Cannabis consumption site proposed for North Adams

Company wants to open cannabis consumption site in North Adams

Owners of a proposed cannabis dispensary in the city of North Adams have also expressed an interest in opening a cannabis consumption site. Heather Anelo has approached the city about the potential for North Adams to be one of the first communities in Massachusetts to welcome a cannabis consumption site. Anelo has already signed a host agreement with the city to operate a cannabis dispensary in an American Legion building. The consumption site, called Forks and Friends, would serve cannabis infused drinks and food to adults in a separate space within the same building.

A site for on-site cannabis consumption is a new concept for North Adams so officials weren’t prepared to respond to the proposal. At the moment, there are no cannabis consumption sites in operation besides the Summit Lounge in Worcester, which operates as a social club and does not hold a license from the Cannabis Control Commission. State law does allow the Cannabis Control Commission to issue licenses for such establishments but a legal technicality prevented them from moving forward. That legal issue was fixed as part of the omnibus cannabis law signed by Governor Baker over the summer. Anelo understands that it is kind of early to bring up this proposal but she wants to start the discussion now in hopes of making the project a reality.

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