School investigates edible marijuana incident

Norwood school investigates marijuana edible incident

Parents of several students at the Coakley Middle School in Norwood Massachusetts were informed of an incident where marijuana edibles were shared among classmates on school property. According to the investigation on April 1st a student allegedly brought a chocolate bar infused with marijuana to the school. At lunch the infused chocolate was shared with other students. Not everyone who was given the chocolate was told that it was infused with marijuana according to the investigation.

“We would like to remind community members that Norwood Public Schools takes the issue of student substance use very seriously as we have strict policies regarding the use of alcohol, drugs or any controlled substances by our students,” David Thomson Superintendent Thomson said in a statement. As juveniles the names and ages of the students involved will not be released. In line with the school district’s policies and procedures the students will face disciplinary action for the incident.

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