On-site cannabis consumption moves one step closer to reality in Massachusetts

CCC scraps pilot program to develop a workable social consumption model

During the month of May the Cannabis Control Commission in Massachusetts had extensive discussion that spanned across two meetings on the topic of social consumption. Lawmakers updated the cannabis law last summer to finally give cities and towns the ability to opt-in to host on-site cannabis consumption facilities. After participating in a working group that focused on this issue Commissioner Camargo and Commissioner Stebbins asked fellow Commissioners to eliminate the pilot program for social consumption licenses so they could move forward with developing the concept.

As far back as December of 2017 the Cannabis Control Commission included in its first draft regulations a license category for establishments where consumers could buy cannabis to be consumed on the premises. In a vote of 4 in support with Commissioner Roy voting present the agency voted to move forward with directing staff to take the necessary steps to remove the pilot program from their regulations. The agency is currently engaged in a regulatory adjustment to implement the changes passed by lawmakers including reform to host community agreements and establishing equity guidelines for municipalities.

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