Overhead of Blue River Sundae Driver Live Rosin

REVIEW: Blue River Live Rosin (Sundae Driver)

Working hard at New England Cannabis News Today we often seek out new and exciting product offerings in New England. Blue River™ originated as the world’s first cannabis-derived terpene company aiding in the popularization of the word “Terps” out in the state of California. They have now arrived in Massachusetts. Their website says they use advanced mechanical separation technology, and have award-winning signature exclusive trademark branded solvent-less products. When we were given the opportunity to review the Sundae Drive Live Rosin directly from a member of the Blue River team, we were super enthused. Worcester in Cookies was the origin cannabis retailer for this live rosin. The product was packaged well with one of the more advanced product information inserts we have seen in the Commonwealth. The packaging even describes what temperature to best experience the product and also lists storage temperature and terpene levels.

The terps on the Sundae Driver were exceptional with a true to strain experience. You can literally see the terps shimmering in the product. This live rosin was not harsh at all and tasted amazing. We utilized a Toro rig with an Evan Shore Banger and torch for our experience. The stone was nice and long lasting.

Overall the experience from packaging to product was amazing. Massachusetts concentrates are on the upswing and we can see why. If you’re into solventless concentrates, Blue River™ is definitely going to rock your world.

Visit their website for information on where to obtain Blue River™ Live Rosin in Massachusetts: https://www.blueriverterps.com

Blue River™ Packaging

Blue River™ Sundae Driver Live Rosin Laboratory Testing Results

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For more information on where to obtain Blue River™ Live Rosin in Massachusetts: https://www.blueriverterps.com

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The Blue River™ Sundae Drive Rosin reviewed here was gifted to us legally in the Commonwealth. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about Blue River™.