Suver Haze Strain Hemp Buds from CBD Please

REVIEW: CBD Please Suver Haze Hemp Buds

This week I received something special from our sponsor CBD Please to try and review. I was sent premium organic hemp buds from the strain known as Suver Haze. These buds were organically and sustainably grown on small farms in New England and CBD Please makes them easily accessible for all consumers with an ounce bag like the one we received costing only $50.

The Review

Suver Haze is a world renowned strain of hemp that produces beautiful buds covered in CBD. The bag I received from CBD Please was exactly as described with large beautiful hemp buds that had a nice evergreen color and a fresh pleasant smell. The packaging was simple, reusable, and easy to open. For the purpose of the review, I smoked the Suver Haze, but I am certain these buds could be utilized to produce some excellent CBD concentrate for countless other uses. The buds were very well trimmed and covered in CBD. Lab tested, these buds came in around 16.2% CBD.

Smoking the Suver Haze was very nice. The smoke was not harsh at all and I can imagine it would be the same in a vaporizer. Once broken up there was a pleasant aroma and the grind made a nice consistency for joints. The burn was nice and slow. Tasting the smoke, I noted some hint of pine and other aromatics. The effects were near immediate as a sense of well being took over. Overall, the experience was very positive and I would recommend the Suver Haze from CBD Please for anyone who is interested in high CBD strains. CBD Please has a consistent supply of local and sustainable hemp from New England and is definitely worth checking out.

To purchase the Suver Haze Hemp Buds reviewed here please visit:

CBD Please Suver Haze Hemp Buds Packaging

CBD Please Suver Haze Hemp Buds

To purchase the Suver Haze Hemp Buds reviewed here please visit:

Please Note: The Suver Haze Hemp Buds from CBD Please reviewed here were obtained legally in Massachusetts. We would like to disclose that NEC News Today’s sponsor for our weekly newscast is CBD Please in light of making this review.