Gibby's Garden OG Kush Pre-Roll

REVIEW: Gibby’s Garden OG Kush Cannabis Pre-Roll

This week I wanted to locate a product made by a Massachusetts Micro-business. Having known the owners of Gibby’s Garden as trailblazers in the industry because they were the first licensed micro-business in the Commonwealth, I set out to find their product. I located a pre-roll in one of my favorite strains OG Kush, and proceeded to go pick up the product from a local dispensary.

The Review

After having a great experience at the Redi Dispensary in Newton picking up the product, I proceeded to go to my residence and pop the joint out of the container for a dry pull. The container containing the pre-roll is minimalist and very utilitarian. I could tell already after my unlit hit on the joint that it was rolled properly. Once lit, the joint burned all the way down without any runs and pulled consistently. The best part of these pre-rolls packaging is the throwback to nostalgia with the use of the zig-zag filter. With the use of the OG Kush strain and the zig zag filters the product experience definitely has a more vintage feel and I like that. Having smoked the pre-roll it definitely got me where I wanted to be in terms of the high and made my evening more enjoyable. If you want to support a local Massachusetts micro-business, definitely consider trying Gibby’s Gardens pre-rolls, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

To locate Gibby’s Garden products near you please visit:

Gibby’s Garden OG Kush Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging

Gibby’s Garden OG Kush Cannabis Pre-Roll

To locate Gibby’s Garden products near you please visit:

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The OG Kush Pre-Roll from Gibby’s Garden reviewed here was purchased legally in Massachusetts. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about Gibby’s Garden and their pre-rolls. .