Blue River's Salted Caramel Rosin Popping Boba with Vanilla Ice Cream

REVIEW: Infused Salted Caramel Rosin Popping Boba by Blue River

This week I wanted to try a new innovative cannabis edible product that has been making waves across the state of Massachusetts. The infused Rosin Popping Boba product developed by Blue River comes in a variety of flavors but I determined I wanted to try the Salted Caramel. I located some on a local cannabis dispensary to me, ordered it, and went to pick it up and bring it home. Upon reading the package of the boba itself it explained that this product would be an excellent addition to ice cream. While chocolate is my favorite flavor of ice cream, I determined that vanilla ice cream would babe the better combo with salted caramel, so I picked some up also on the way home. Once home I prepared the ice cream and boba for the review.

The Review

With my vanilla ice cream bowl ready to go, I checked out the package of boba before dumping it all in. The packaging is well done, the boba is produced by a Nano based technology with each package equivalent to around 5mg of THC. While not one of the most potent edible products, I think it makes up for that with the amount of fun it is to use the product. The packaging or pouch of boba also comes with a large straw to drink the boba if you determine to add it to a beverage. Because I was going to use it as an ice cream topper, the straw was not needed but it was good to see. I cut the top open and poured the boba and the salted caramel liquid with the boba all over the vanilla ice cream.

I love caramel, and this combination of boba and salted caramel is a total hit. When I tried the boba without any ice cream it, it reminded me of Butterbeer from Universal Studio Orlando. Combined with the ice cream, it was like eating a perfect salty and sweet combination. The ice cream did not make the boba hard, it remained soft and easy to eat until my ice cream was finished. Eating the boba in ice cream was so easy to do that I ended up eating the whole bowl in under 5 minutes. The flavor of caramel was perfectly diluted in the vanilla ice cream. Each boba was like adding an additional layer of flavor to each bite.

While this edible only has 5mg of THC, it is innovative and flavorful. It also does not skimp on the boba. There is alot of boba in each pouch. Eating the salted caramel flavor on vanilla ice cream was truly an amazing experience. We may review other flavors of boba in the future with liquid and not ice cream, to see if it is as good as mixing it with ice cream. This could be one of the best dessert products ever made in the cannabis industry. Easy to consume and flavorful, the Salted Caramel rosin popping boba are definitely recommended for consumers looking to experience something new.

To locate some of Blue River’s Rosin Popping Boba as well as their other products please visit their website:

Infused Salted Caramel Rosin Popping Boba Packaging

Infused Salted Caramel Rosin Popping Boba by Blue River

To locate some of Blue River’s Rosin Popping Boba as well as their other products please visit their website:

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