REVIEW: JustinCredible Pre-Rolls

Upon discovering JustinCredible Cultivation was the first black owned, woman owned, veteran owned and LGBTQ owned cultivation center on the East coast, NEC News Today made arrangements to locate and review some of their products. We were able to locate some pre-rolls at the Seed Dispensary in Jamaica Plain and set out to buy them. It should be noted that the Seed Dispensary has a free museum located inside called the Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum with exhibits related to the failed war on marijuana and the inequities of the modern day cannabis industry. Our experience at Seed was great with customer service that was friendly and helpful.

We purchased all three of the available JustinCredible Pre-Rolls at Seed so that we could try a range of them. The strains available included Trainwreck, Strawberry Banana, and Watermelon Zkittles. The tubes holding the pre-rolls highlighted the business being black owned which was a nice touch. We were also impressed that JustinCredible provided the drying and curing dates on the packaging so the consumer could know how fresh the product is.

The Review

Each of the three pre-rolls burned evenly and did not have any large runs appear down their sides. The tokes taken were not harsh and did not cause any unpleasant coughing. The taste was nice and not overpowering. The Trainwreck was one of our favorites and burned for a very long time. Watermelon Zkittles tasted nice and was also something we liked. Strawberry Banana had it own unique characteristics that also made it desirable. The ash from the joints appeared normal as well.

Overall, the JustinCredible pre-rolls are the perfect way to kick off an evening and we would recommend.

To find JustinCredible products please visit their website and locate the nearest retailer to you.

The JustinCredible Pre-Roll Packaging

The JustinCredible Pre-Rolls

Strawberry Banana Pre-Roll

Trainwreck Pre-Roll

Watermelon Zkittles Pre-Roll

To find JustinCredible products please visit their website and locate the nearest retailer to you.

To learn more about the Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum please follow this link:

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The JustinCredible Pre-Rolls reviewed here from JustinCredible Cultivation was purchased at full price plus tax legally in the Commonwealth at Seed Dispensary in Jamaica Plain. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about JustinCredible’s Pre-Rolls.