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REVIEW: Moonbow by The Fresh Connection

Trying to locate high quality craft flower in New England can be challenging with the wide range of mids being grown throughout the area. I had heard about The Fresh Connection, a craft boutique small cultivator with experience from Oregon recently was licensed to grow in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I met with one of the partners and cultivator Samantha a few weeks back to talk cannabis policy. I then met her in person at the 7/10 Diaspora event and asked her which strain I should buy, and she suggested Moonbow. Soon I was searching online to locate some Fresh Connection Moonbow myself to try. I located some Moonbow at a local dispensary in the greater Boston area, and purchased an 1/8 for this review.

The Review

The Fresh Connection brand and packaging of this strain was very clever and worth mentioning. With a name similar to The French Connection, the label on the jar of cannabis also gives a nod to French culture with a Fleur-de-lis made from a cannabis leaf. The purple top to the jar was also a nice touch, displaying the brand’s confidence that it has been anointed to grow some of the best cannabis in existence. Seeing that kind of detail to their packaging usually portends of great things to come and I was not disappointed.

Moonbow is a cross between Zkittles and Dosido bred by Archive Seedbank, making it one of the fruitier strains one can buy. The Fresh Connection’s Moonbow is by far the best representation of the Zkittles strain I have ever come across in New England. The aroma is how the skittles candy tastes, with a sweet smell one has to experience to believe. The buds are perfectly formed, hand trimmed, and covered in crystals. Upon grinding up a large bud to roll a joint, the smell is pervasive and truly a west coast like experience in New England. Smoking the bud in a bong was equally pleasurable and the flavor is amazing. Not only did the joint burn evenly until the end, it tasted great, and didn’t feel harsh at all on the throat.

The sweet taste of this flower in smokable form makes me wonder if Fresh Connection will ever offer live rosin from the same strain because I am sure it would be a showstopper. If you like your cannabis to taste and smell like candy, burn correctly, with little to no side effects in terms of smoking, Moonbow is definitely worth a try. Samantha said she was bringing the west coast craft experience to Massachusetts, and she did not disappoint. The Fresh Connection’s Moonbow excites me about the future of cannabis in Massachusetts. If you’re a flower connoisseur please locate some immediately and burn some Moonbow. You will be happy you did.

To locate some Moonbow or other Fresh Connection strains, please visit your local dispensary menu in Massachusetts or their website here:

The Fresh Connection Moonbow Packaging

The Fresh Connection Moonbow Flower

To locate some Moonbow or other Fresh Connection strains, please visit your local dispensary menu in Massachusetts or their website here:

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The Moonbow from The Fresh Connection reviewed here was purchased legally in Massachusetts. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about The Fresh Connection or their Moonbow flower.