Nature's Heritage Forbidden Zkittlez Flower Strain

REVIEW: Nature’s Heritage Flower Forbidden Zkittlez

This week I was determined to try a flower strain produced by Nature’s Heritage after reading great reviews online and plenty of buzz about their products. Nature’s Heritage states they cultivate unique strains with prized genetics. I located their strain Forbidden Zkittlez nearby at a local dispensary and proceeded to make the purchase.

The Review

Good things come in green jars with wooden tops. The Nature’s Heritage packaging is on point with its wood top and green color. With this color scheme the brand definitely has a more natural theme and it looks great. It was nice to see the jar was also protected by a safety seal ensuring freshness. With lab results readily available on the packaging, they definitely have made the product as transparent as possible.

The flower itself was remarkably fresh and not dry at all. Nature’s Heritage clearly knows how to cure their flower because it smelled amazing. The Forbidden Zkittlez strain was remarkably fruity with some gasey undertones. I would definitely say it smelled like what I envision a purple skittle tastes like. Once ground up, the aroma was quite breathtaking as I rolled it into a joint. The flower burned really nice in the joint and definitely had a fantastic smell and taste while it smoked. This bud was clearly cured well in comparison with many other cannabis brands who don’t even bother to cure. Overall there was a feeling of high quality from this brand in everything from the packaging to the actual flower itself. It feels high end without saying it. I definitely recommend purchasing some flower from Nature’s Heritage.

To locate Nature’s Heritage products near you please visit:

Nature’s Heritage Flower Forbidden Zkittlez Packaging

Nature’s Heritage Forbidden Zkittlez Flower

To locate Nature’s Heritage products near you please visit:

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The Forbidden Zkittlez Flower from Nature’s Heritage reviewed here was purchased legally in Massachusetts. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about Nature’s Heritage and their flower.