Thinmints Cannabis Flower from Vermont's Mountain Girl Cannabis

REVIEW: Pineapple Thinmints Flower from Vermont’s Mountain Girl Cannabis

Upon traveling to Vermont in order to capture the historic moment of the first adult use cannabis sale, I determined I should definitely purchase legal cannabis from one of the first dispensaries to operate. Upon entering Mountain Girl Cannabis I determined to buy strains lower and higher in cost to give it a full assessment This review is of the lower cost 1/8 I purchased at 35$, known as the Pineapple Thinmints strain variety.

The Review

When I say this strain and production smelled like fresh weed I am not kidding. These buds while not manicured to perfection were fantastic in flavor, smell, and consistency. It is the kind of smell you only smell when your friend is growing fire and needs help trimming the buds. In addition, this flower made my grinder smell great for many joints to come. The buds were beautiful and weren’t trimmed too harshly. The flavor is also amazing with hints of pineapple and the smoke itself is not harsh at all. Dry pulling on the joint before lighting is an experience unto itself. Overall, I would say Vermont is off to a great start and really creating a craft cannabis market to be proud of.

In order to find the Thinmints strain, please visit Rutland Vermont’s Mountain Girl Cannabis at

The Pineapple Thinmints Flower Packaging

The Pineapple Thinmints Flower from Mountain Girl Cannabis

In order to find the Thinmints cannabis flower strain, please visit Rutland Vermont’s Mountain Girl Cannabis at

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The Pineapple Thinmints Flower reviewed here was purchased legally in Vermont. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about Mountain Girl Cannabis and their flower.