Smyth Cannabis Art Wall

REVIEW: Smyth Cannabis in Lowell

NEC News Today went on a flower gathering adventure to Smyth Cannabis in Lowell, Massachusetts after reading online that the product was worth trying. Smyth is a vertically integrated adult use retailer that grows its own flower. This location situated near the highway was well done with plenty of parking. Having scored an epic front parking space the checkin process was smooth and easy. Walking into the facility, the ceilings were quite high and glass cases lined with their strains were available to view. Following a scan of the various flowers in the cases and the beautiful wall art we proceeded to the counter where a helpful associate was waiting. He was an amazing bud tender, and provided us with a list of the freshest flower grown in-house.

We chose four strains including Animal Mints, Ghost Train Haze (GTH), London Pound Mints (LPM), and Pinky’s Advice. Our favorite was the Animal Mints which was well grown and true to flavor and the second favorite was Ghost Train Haze which was also true to flavor. The flower was fresh and was good quality. Overall we were happy with what we purchased and would go back if in the Lowell area for the Animal Mints.

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Interior Art

General Interior

Smyth Cannabis Merch
Smyth Cannabis Interior

The Flowers We Found

Animal Mints (Our Favorite)

Pinky’s Advice

London Pound Mints (LPM)

Ghost Train Haze (GTH) (2nd Favorite)

To learn more about Smyth Cannabis and the products they offer please visit their Website:

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. All products featured here were purchased at full price with no discounts. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about Smyth Cannabis in Lowell, Massachusetts.