The Heirloom Collective's Kitchen Sink Strain

Review: The Heirloom Collective’s Kitchen Sink Strain

With the fall season in full swing, I took advantage of the cooler weather to venture out to Hadley, Massachusetts where The Heirloom Collective was located. The Heirloom Collective focuses on providing clean high quality craft cannabis showcasing the best aspects of each strain they cultivate. Once inside in Hadley, the dispensary makes you feel at home. There was a mural dedicated to the Kitchen Sink strain on the wall, so it helped me make a decision as to which strain I should try. Once I had obtained the Kitchen Sink strain, I headed home to test it out.

The Review

The Kitchen Sink strain is a blend of Sundae Driver X GMO cookies with a 50/50 hybrid mix. The Heirloom Collective considers this one of their signature strains and I could see why. First the packaging was well done with a wide container to showcase the buds upon opening. I was happy to see a safety seal on the container as well as a Boveda insert in the jar itself. The aroma was strong with gasey overtones but with a sweet cookies base. The buds themselves are trimmed well and nicely sized. Breaking up the buds really brings out the full terpene profile of the plant. The joint I smoked of it burned well and tasted great with no harshness on the throat. When consumed in the bong, it was also a pleasant experience with an easy tap to remove the spent bud from the bowl. The bud burned nicely also because it was obviously cured properly and sealed in its container.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying the Kitchen Sink strain from The Heirloom Collective if you’re visiting one of their locations or one of their partners carrying their flowers and other products. It is definitely their signature strain for a reason, and if you’re wanting to try their best, Kitchen Sink is it. With its nicely formed well trimmed buds, The Heirloom Collective’s Kitchen Sink is a great representation of the strain and should definitely be on your agenda if you’re trying the best of Massachusetts cannabis.

To learn how to obtain the Kitchen Sink strain from The Heirloom Collective, please visit their website at

Kitchen Sink Strain by The Heirloom Collective Packaging

Kitchen Sink Strain by the Heirloom Collective

To learn how to obtain the Kitchen Sink strain from The Heirloom Collective, please visit their website at

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