Ban on cannabis business in Scituate

Scituate keeps their ban on marijuana businesses in place

Residents of Scituate voted at the recent Town Meeting to continue the ban on adult-use marijuana businesses. Some residents were concerned about whether a recreational dispensary could be located next to residential homes within the business district. Some felt that the wording was too complex and others referred to Scituate is a “country town” where marijuana has no place in the community. “We didn’t need fast food or a big box store. Drive over to Marshfield for marijuana,” said Gordon Price.

One resident encouraged his fellow Town Meeting members to think about the potential revenue that hosting cannabis businesses could bring. He did this as he spoke in favor of article 24 which would enact the local option marijuana excise tax of 3%. In the end residents voted overwhelmingly to keep the ban on marijuana businesses in place.

In 2016, 52.4% of Scituate voters did not support the ballot question that legalized marijuana.

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