New Hampshire Senators discuss legalization of cannabis

New Hampshire Senate Tries To Stop Cannabis Legalization

The proposal to legalize cannabis possession and cultivation for adults 21 years and older in New Hampshire met its demise in the New Hampshire Senate. The New Hampshire Senate voted 15 in opposition and 9 in support on House Bill 629. The bill would not establish dispensaries but would allow adults to possess up to three-quarters of an ounce of cannabis and cultivate up to six plants at home.

A separate bill that would have legalized cannabis and set-up state run dispensaries was also voted down by a voice vote of the Senate. The Senate Ways and Means Committee recently advised against passing the legislation after a discussion about the bill and how it was poorly written. At first, many felt like this marked the official end to this session’s attempt for lawmakers to pass a cannabis bill at the New Hampshire statehouse. However, house lawmakers have recently introduced the language from House Bill 629 into a criminal justice bill that has already passed through the Senate in a last ditch effort to legalize cannabis.

New Hampshire remains one of two New England states that has not yet legalized cannabis possession for adults.

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