Shakti Green Lit energy shot product

Shakti Green Lit brings cannabis energy shot to consumers

Shakti Green Lit is a cannabis energy shot created by equity applicants Cynthia Mompoint and Maur Stringer in collaboration with Revolutionary Clinics. The newly released product combines B12, B6 and B3, amino acids, 100mg of caffeine, and 5mg of cannabis extract emulsion. According to the Shakti Green Lit website the product was created to “enhance one’s quality of life physically, mentally, and energetically.”

Shakti Green Lit has launched with two flavors including Lemongrass Tea and Strawberry Lemonade in both 1-pack and 4-pack options. Shakti refers to ”energy, ability, strength, effort, power, and capability”.

Learn more by visiting Shakti Green Lit’s website here: