Sira Naturals is becoming Ayr Massachusetts

Sira Naturals will transition soon to Ayr Massachusetts

In an e-mail announcement Sira Naturals informed their customers that “change is in the Ayr”. The company will be changing their name from Sira Naturals to Ayr Massachusetts very soon. Ayr is the parent company of Sira Naturals after acquiring the company roughly three years ago. The company currently operates two medical dispensaries, one in Needham and one in Somerville.

The company will be opening two new stores in the coming weeks including a recreational dispensary in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston and a combined medical and recreational dispensary in Watertown. According to the announcement the official social media handle will transition to @AyrMass as soon as the Back Bay locations opens. The company says they will start to offer more variety and brands over the coming months.