Steve Hoffman says the rollout has been smooth

Chairman pleased with “smooth rollout” of legal cannabis

Chairman Steve Hoffman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission sat town with Jon Keller from WBZ-TV for an update on the state of cannabis. According to Hoffman the Massachusetts cannabis industry has benefited from a “really smooth rollout”. Hoffman told Keller that there has not been an increase in crime, DUI, hospital admissions, or youth consumption which opponents of legalization were convinced would skyrocket.

The industry has hit recently a milestone of over 200 adult-use cannabis retailers across the state. Chairman Hoffman believes that the industry is growing healthily and that the industry has some time until it is mature. A March 2022 report from the Commission’s website shows that there are 51 final licenses and 513 provisional licenses in the queue.

Chairman Hoffman says the Commission will continue to enable equity participation in the industry in both ownership and employment. The legislature is discussing bills to increase participation by creating a social equity loan fund, something Chairman Hoffman says he is grateful for.

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