Stamford Zoning Board opposes new dispensary proposal

Stamford officials snub dispensary project, upsetting owner

A Rhode Island cannabis dispensary named Sweetspot was not able to get any votes of support from members of the Stamford Zoning Board. According to CT Examiner, the Chair of the Board abstained from voting after making a comment that he felt there was no reason to deny the project. The remaining four members of the board voted no when the project to locate a cannabis dispensary at 111 High Ridge Road in Stamford was on the agenda. Stamford currently has two dispensaries in town, Fine Fettle and Curaleaf. The proposed dispensary’s proximity to housing and businesses that children patronize was part of the rationale given by the board when making its decision. Jason Webski, CEO of Sweetspot, says that he is looking into getting an attorney to fight the decision.

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