Lawmakers look at repealing stamp tax act

State cannabis stamp tax law may finally be repealed

A repeal of the Massachusetts Controlled Substance Tax is making its way through the legislature on Beacon Hill. The law was enacted by the legislature in 1993 but was later found unconstitutional by the Supreme Judicial Court in 1998. The law taxed the sale of illegal drugs including marijuana. Cannabis dealers were required to apply for stamps that acted as a tax on the cannabis at $3.50 per gram. This system is similar to what was used federally in the United States between 1937 and 1969, until it was later found to be unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

Gov. Charlie Baker first brought up the idea to repeal the law in a budget proposal earlier this year. Both chambers of the legislature seem to be in agreement as both have separately included it in their respective budgets. The stamp is purple and color and is issued by the Department of Revenue. The stamp has become a novelty collectors item for collectors over the years especially as cannabis prohibition becomes something of the past.

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