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Strict rules and penalties around cannabis gifting raised

The Connecticut legislation would establish a ten thousand dollar fine or one year in jail for violators. The bill would prohibit gifting, selling, or transferring cannabis to another person in exchange for a donation for any purpose, including, but not limited to charitable donations or donations made to gain admission to an event. Gifts may not be part of any giveaway, including door prizes, goodie bag or swag bag, associated with attendance at any event.

This comes after conflict between Hamden officials and the organizers of the “High Bazaar” events held on Saturdays. An injunction has now stopped High Bazaar from continuing its events in Hamden. During a hearing on the legislation Representative Michael D’Agostino from Hamden said it’s clear that vendors at events like these are using donation boxes to accept cash for the cannabis sales.

Cannabis advocates who opposed the bill characterized it as an attempt to re-criminalize cannabis.

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