School says stoned students may go in ambulance

Connecticut school says they will send stoned students to hospital

A Connecticut high school sent home an email about students high on marijuana that left many with unanswered questions. According to a published report from New Haven Independent, Principal Simon Obas of Amistad High School sent an email on October 13th to parents and guardians to inform them of the school’s new official policy. The email went on to say that the school will call an ambulance and immediately send any student under the influence of cannabis with the paramedics.

A week later Principal Obas sent another email, this time clarifying that intoxicated students will first be sent to the school nurse. An ambulance will only be dispatched if the school nurse indicates that further medical care is needed. School officials say the policy was created to put student safety first and avoid negative reactions. A communication consultant for the school told the Independent that zero instances of a student has needing an ambulance due to cannabis intoxication have occurred at this point in time.

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