Three new subcommittee chairs announced

Advisory Board welcomes three new subcommittee Chairs

Three subcommittees of the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board have a new Chairperson according to e-mails obtained by NEC News Today. Andrea Cabral has stepped down as Chair of the Public Safety and Community Mitigation Subcommittee which will now be run by Laurie Lucien. Kim Napoli is replacing Ray Berry as the Chair of the Market Participation Subcommittee. The newly formed research subcommittee will be run by Dr. Marion McNabb.

The Cannabis Control Commission is asking each subcommittees to meet over the coming weeks to consider the topics of vertical integration in medical marijuana licensing and long-term strategic planning for the cannabis industry. According to the announcement lawmakers have not extended the allowance for virtual public meetings. If the allowance is not extended this means that meetings would be held in person.

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