Sununu stuck on state-run cannabis dispensaries

Sununu sticking to state-run cannabis, criticizes neighboring states

Chris Sununu, governor of New Hampshire, spoke with CNBC about his idea to legalize cannabis in a unique way, with state-run dispensaries just like their state-run liquor stores. Governor Sununu says a state-run model will give the state control over the retail sale of cannabis, as well as all of the the marketing, and branding in an effort make cannabis accessible for adults but ensure that nothing appeals to children. While Governor Sununu is not a cannabis supporter, he understands that legalization is growing in popularity, which will most likely result in legislators taking action. While supporting the state-run model Sununu criticized neighboring Massachusetts and Maine by saying that when legalization is done wrong, you end up like Massachusetts or Maine. He continued to say that rather than being driven by the money like those states, legalization should be regulated more appropriately.

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