Massachusetts cannabis telehealth policies extended and may soon be permanent

Telehealth to continue with permanent solution in the works

At their February meeting the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission voted to keep the waivers that have allowed new patients to be certified by a clinician via telehealth in place. Before March of 2020 new patients were required to see a clinician in person to be certified for the Medical Use of Marijuana Program. Executive Director Shawn Collins presented Commissioners with data on the frequency and use of telehealth sharing that an average of 80% of all initial provider visits conducted since March of 2020 were via telehealth. On top of extending the telehealth rule the Commission showed an appetite to make the policy permanent by making an update to their regulations over the next nine months. The Commission is already engaged in an update to their regulations to implement changes made by the omnibus cannabis bill by November of 2023. The telehealth policy was extended until December 31st, 2023.