Widowmaker Brewing Welcome to Grassachusetts

Terpene infused IPA released by Widowmaker Brewing

Widowmaker Brewing is a local beer brewer in Braintree that has collaborated with Rolling Releaf to infuse terpenes into their latest IPA called Welcome to Grassachusetts. The new flavor dropped on 4/20 and according to the announcement the terpenes add flavors of pine, bubblegum, and fresh cut mangos.

Rolling Releaf is a provisionally licensed delivery operator making waves in Massachusetts. Devin Alexander co-founder and CEO of Rolling Releaf will be at Widowmaker Brewing on Sunday April 24th for a pop-up to engage with the community and share in the celebration for this new IPA.

Find the announcement on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ccglvp0pCJU/