Theory Wellness sues Beacon Compassion over HiFive

Theory Wellness sues competitor named HiFive

Suffolk Superior Court will soon sort out whether Theory Wellness can prevent a competitor from using the HiFive brand name. According to the complaint Theory Wellness began selling Hi5 branded drinks and edibles in February 2021. They also claim to be in the process of opening a “storefront beverage dispensary” in Medford under the HI5 name. Meanwhile, Beacon Compassion has announced their Framingham location will do business as HiFive. This has upset Theory Wellness.

Theory Wellness believes that Beacon Compassion is engaging in trademark infringement and wants the court to prevent them from using the HiFive name. Theory says that Hi5 and HiFive are confusingly similar in appearance, sound, and overall impression. The complaint was filed March 18th.

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