Owners of Club Castaway look to open topless cannabis dispensary

Topless cannabis dispensary proposed in Whatley

It takes vision and ambition to try and do something that has never been done before. A pair of entrepreneurs in Massachusetts want to combine the world of cannabis with their existing adult entertainment business. The two men are the current owners of the the only strip club in Franklin County called Club Castaway. According to reporting from The Daily Hampshire Gazette, the club has been closed since March of 2022 but is expected to re-open in the coming weeks. The owners informed the town of their desire to pivot away from alcohol and transform into a topless cannabis dispensary. The two men are listed as owners on a provisionally licensed cannabis retail license in Boston called East Boston Bloom. The update left members of the Whatley Select Board with some questions and a desire to circle back as the project moves forward.

Find the full story from The Daily Hampshire Gazette on their website here: https://www.gazettenet.com/-Cannabis-with-a-twist–New-vision-shared-for-topless-pot-dispensary-at-Club-Castaway-49976979